Benediktas Krikshtanas is an advertising graphic designer and photographer. He recently received an Associates degree in Graphic Design and he is currently working on receiving his Masters degree in Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He has a strong passion for photography and graphic design, which allows him to have creativity in his artwork. His life journey began in Central Europe Lithuania where he was born and grew up. This is a unique place, where western culture meets the east; it created an exceptional environment, which determined his erudition and intellectual path. He graduated with a degree in engineering and pedagogy from the Lithuanian University of Agriculture.

After working for a few years in pedagogical sphere, he abruptly left the field and turned to photography in the middle of 1980s. He worked in Jazz Forum magazine and other record, music, and advertising agencies. Also, he worked as a freelance photographer, creating his own style and concept. His photographs reveal his interest in finding an abstract path to nature. According to him, abstraction, by a definition, immediately removes a photograph from the realm of documentary realism; it implies imagery in which the inherent qualities of subject matter are separated from the physical object.

A few word about awards... his opinions about contests is that they are antithetical to art. The art is not a sport and contests of art may develop to the point of absurdity stage. Contests are usually based on rules, which constrict creativity. In fact, creativity thrives when rules are broken. However in his “early days”, he won numerous awards, include a famous one, the Olympus Vision Gallery prize in Japan in the 1990s. His work has appeared in a number of magazines and galleries (Japan, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina).

Now his journey continues in the USA, where he has discovered another environment, and its qualities of light and spiritual values are reflected in his artwork. He is currently working as a freelance photographer and designer in his home based studio and he is studying to receive his Masters in photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.